10 Items that Need Extra Special Care When Moving

Packing is a challenging chore at the best of times, never mind when you have sentimental or valuable items to transport to storage units or your new home. Without extra special care, there is a high risk of damage taking place, which is obviously something that you would like to avoid at all costs. Here is a list of 10 of the most common items that require special care when moving, along with some tips on how to pack them correctly, courtesy of freight services and moving company, Highland Moving Systems - Atlas Van Lines.


Antiques are not only worth a lot of money, but they are also often relatively fragile too. The wisest thing to do in order to ensure that they are carefully packed and transported is to hire a professional moving company with experience in working with antiques.


Items like this can shatter in the blink of an eye. Hence, the reason why it is essential to protect them before placing them in boxes. Bubble wrap is highly recommended.

Large Appliances

Many large appliances require special handling during moves to avoid damage. When it comes to items like washing machines and dishwashers, also always remember to reinsert and lock in the travel bolts that came with the appliance before loading them into the moving van.


Paintings are another item that will need to be properly protected with bubble wrap before loading.

Sentimental Items

These belongings are arguably worth more to a person than things of high monetary value. As such, if at all possible, it is often a better idea to avoid putting these items in the moving truck and to take them along with you personally instead.

House Plants

Not all movers will specialize in moving house plants. So, if you own quite a few, it may be worthwhile finding a company that does.

Musical Equipment

Musical equipment, such as a drum set or a grand piano, is a massive challenge to move. Experienced assistance is imperative in this regard.


Short distance moves may be able to accommodate moving the aquarium without too much issue. However, long-distance moves may prove tricky. This is why so many people moving a long distance opt to sell or donate their aquarium instead.


TVs require special packing materials. Good quality moving companies offering freight services and packing supplies should be able to supply you with these special materials, and should also pack the TV on your behalf.


Furniture is often large and bulky, so always be sure to disassemble it ahead of the move. Place the screws, bolts, and so on in a plastic bag. Remember, to tape it to the underside of the furniture item so that you are able to find it easily later.