Keeping Productivity a Priority During a Corporate Relocation


A corporate relocation is stressful enough on its own, even without considering the downtime you may have to incur as you make the move. In the current economic climate, downtime is not something that most companies can afford – even for the day or two it will take to move from the old location and get set up and settled in at the new one. Is there a way to maintain and prioritize productivity even amid the chaos of a relocation?

Highland Atlas is one of Ontario’s longest running corporate relocation companies and has been successfully moving businesses for decades. In that time, we have gained a good understanding of what does and doesn’t work. We can offer some great advice on keeping up productivity during a major corporate move. Follow these tips and, while you may not necessarily continue operating at optimal levels, you can still keep the work flowing.

Draw up a detailed plan

Don’t leave moving day to chance and don’t try and make it all work in a last minute dash. If you take that approach, you may as well just send the staff home for the day. You need to draw up a detailed moving plan well in advance. Start by appointing a team of trusted employees to manage the moving process. Then sit with them and devise a plan for packing and moving – a plan that you can start executing as soon as possible, not just a few days for the move.

Divide up the packing as much as possible and make sure that all staff members do their part. Start by packing non-essentials and then pack everything in reverse priority as moving day approaches, ensuring that the items most vital to operations get packed last – and are thus unpacked first on the other side.

Part of your planning process will be dividing the work up among the staff to make the job easier. Everybody can pack their own workstations up and departments can coordinate the clearing out of rooms and cabinets specific to them.

Next, draw up a floorplan of the new office space and plot where everyone will be placed. You can ease the move by color-coding each area and then placing corresponding color-coded stickers on boxes and furniture so that everything gets moved to exactly the right place.

Plan everybody’s relocation day movements carefully. There might be some staff members who need to stick around at the old office while the movers are loading the truck. This would perhaps be essential staff who need to be there to deal with clients, for example, or the receptionist. Other staff members may be able to head straight to the new location to help with the move or carry out other tasks that are essential either to the move or operations.

Communicate clearly with all internal stakeholders

If you’re running a successful company, then you probably already practise great communication among individuals and departments, so this part should be easy for you. It’s essential to keep everyone informed prior to and during the moving process. A combination of regular meetings, memos, one-on-one updates and briefings will help you achieve this. Also be open to feedback – allow staff to voice their concerns and perhaps offer some ideas to help improve your moving strategies.

There will be some people who are more resistant to change and therefore, reluctant to commit fully to the move. They’ll go along because they have to but they can slow things down. The best thing to do is to hear them, encourage them to speak up about their worries and then reassure them. The key to staff involvement, however, is not to ask too much of them. Get their support and have them contribute but don’t lay too much on their shoulders. You will have professional movers doing most of the work and you have your moving committee to handle most of the planning. So just make sure that everyone knows where they need to be and when. This is as stressful for them as it is for you and they will need time to settle, as well as the knowledge that management has everything under control.

Notify clients about the move

It is, of course, vital that you keep your clients informed about the move as well. Don’t let this be an afterthought – let them know as soon as the move gets into the planning stages. Once you have secured the new location, booked your corporate relocation service and communicated all your plans to the team, devise a plan for communicating all the details of the move to your clients. You will know what’s best for your clients – maybe your team needs to send out a series of personalized emails or your sales people can call the clients whose accounts they manage and tell them directly. Either way, your customers will appreciate the personal communication and will be understanding of any breakdown in normal operations during the move.

If you have the capacity to put some kind of contingency plan in place to continue serving clients during the move, go ahead and implement it. Maybe your sales staff, instead of assisting in the move, can spend moving day visiting clients, for example.

Work with an experienced, professional moving service

Everything will go a lot smoother if you just call the professionals and trust your move to them. There are a number of variables to keep in mind on moving day and your movers should be able to deal with them all, having seen everything before. You need to make sure that everything gets moved to where it’s supposed to go, that the phones and internet are all set up as quickly as possible and that some measure of productivity is maintained. So it’s absolutely vital to delegate the heavy moving to the pros and trust them with it. Get quotes from movers several months before the move to ensure that you get the best deal and make the booking well before the moving company’s schedule is filled.

While you stay focused on the moving plan you have devised with your moving team and have communicated with all your staff, you can trust the professionals to ensure that the move is managed properly from start to finish. Your own stress levels will be accordingly reduced and you can also carry on with your business. Remember that the move doesn’t have to be your sole responsibility. This is what movers do and they do it more often and better than you do. Handing the reins to them enables you to get on with your own work and ensure that your productivity doesn’t suffer in the stressful build-up to moving day – and on the day itself.

If possible, schedule the move for a weekend. This will mean not having to find ways to prevent the loss of productive hours and simply lead to a lot less stress for your entire company. The important thing is to relax, follow the plan, trust the professionals and then trust the process.

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