Using Experienced Freight Services for Trade Shows

Using an experienced, professional freight service to move your merchandise for a trade show might seem like a complex process. However, there are many compelling reasons to get professional freight services to help you with trade show transport.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Freight Services for Trade Shows:

Here are five of the benefits of relying on professional freight services for your trade show transport requirements:

Specific Experience

Trade shows can become a logistical nightmare to navigate if you’re not experienced. And, getting any old freight service to handle your shipments will only exasperate the process. Professional freight services know which specific issues to prepare for when dealing with trade show shipments and will, therefore, be able to assist you in managing any difficulties you may encounter. The process will be smoother and more efficient, freeing up time for your exhibition to be presented perfectly as planned.

General Competence

Further than specific experience around trade show shipments, professional freight services will be able to manage the day-to-day shipment processes without any snags. This includes packing, delivery, route planning, communication and much more. If one of your boxes is damaged or gets lost, they will know exactly how to mitigate the situation without causing a delay that might interfere with your exhibition, and importantly, they will understand when and how to best keep you, the client, updated on the process.


When hiring a professional freight service, you can count on them to be compliant with industry requirements. An experienced freight service will know about all the legal and other requirements. This means they will be able to handle these matters without you having to intervene. They will also have the correct insurance and certificates in place to manage the risk of transporting merchandise.


A professional freight service should be familiar with venues in their area of operations. And, if they are not familiar with the specific venue, they will know how to prepare and get the correct information to keep the process moving along without any snags. Being prepared for different venue requirements can mean the difference between a successful exhibit and penalties for non-compliance.

Special Rates for Shipment Sizes

Professional freight services often have special rates for large shipments. This means they can assist you in finding the best rate for the size of your haul. Small, inexperienced freight services might even penalize you price-wise for loads that are too large or too small for them to handle effectively.

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