Essential Packing Supplies for Your Home Move

If you want to make your move as easy and trouble-free as possible, it’s worth making sure you have all the necessary packing supplies and that you take the time and trouble to use them correctly. This way, you will ensure that all your belongings are safely packed and will be protected from damage in transit. Packing up properly is the most time consuming and most important part of the move. Provided you have that part covered, the move itself, as well as unpacking, will present no trouble at all. So make sure you have the following supplies and that you make good use of them.

Bubble wrap/ packing paper

Use bubble wrap for those small, delicate items – wrap them with the bubble side inwards for maximum protection. Packing paper is the cleaner alternative to newspaper and should be used to separate dishes and other crockery and protect them from chipping while in transit.

Moving boxes and heavy-duty tape

One of the biggest mistakes people make with moving boxes is to pack heavy items into large boxes. If you fill a large box with books, for example, you and /or your moving crew are going to have a hard time lifting it. Rather use smaller boxes for the heavy things to make them more manageable.

Choose the best tape, as poor quality tape will just make your boxes come apart – usually at the most inopportune time!

Moving blankets/ furniture pads

These are used to keep furniture from getting damaged during the move. You may not necessarily want to buy these as you won’t have much occasion to use them. Your moving company will be well supplied with them, however and will normally provide them as an added extra or include them in the cost of the move.

Stretch wrap

A good plastic wrap can be used to wrap around items with moving parts that you don’t want falling out during the move – like drawers in a dresser, for example.

Marking pens

This is more important than most people realize! Once those boxes start to pile up, they will all start to look the same, so mark them clearly to let you know what’s in each and where they’re supposed to go.

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