Tips for Moving Houses in Winter from the Best Long Distance Moving Company

Take it from one of the best long distance moving companies, moving in winter can be stressful. With these eight simple tips, you’ll feel prepared and ready to take on the elements when moving in cold weather.

8 Tips from the Best Long Distance Moving Company on Moving in Winter:

Prepare for the Weather

Don’t just keep an eye on the weather forecast, be sure to dress accordingly. Rain, snow and ice-cold winds can be demotivating if you’re not dressed correctly. Wear warm, waterproof clothing, proper boots (with non-slip soles) and keep your gloves and hat close by.

Keep the Kids and Pets Safe and Warm

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about children and pets running around. Ask a family member or friend to take care of your kids and pets for the day, or bring in hired help to keep them safe and happy.

Prepare for Delays

Icy roads, blizzards and pouring rain can delay the move. So, give yourselves some extra time to get everything done safely. This will not only protect your family, the movers and your possessions, but it will also save you from a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Keep Winter Essentials on Hand

Pack a suitcase of warm pyjamas, clean towels, sleeping bags and other winter essentials for the entire family, and take it with you in the car. You don’t want to get caught in a cold house without warm clothing and bedding if the weather is dreadful.

Pack Smartly

Remember that some items in your house may be more fragile in cold weather, so pack these items accordingly. Don’t leave electronics and fragile glassware to be sitting out in freezing temperatures; wrap them carefully and bring them along in the car when you move.

Check Utilities at Your New House

Being stuck without power in the dead of winter is an awful experience, even more so when you’ve just moved your entire house. Be sure to check on the power, heat and water so you can take a hot shower and make a cup of tea before bedtime. Don’t turn on the heating for the entire moving process (you’ll waste a lot of power trying to keep a house warm when the doors are all open) but keep certain areas warm with a heater so you can warm up when it gets too cold.

Manage Your Environment

Be sure to clear walkways of snow and give some added traction to slippery areas. If it is raining heavily, damaged cardboard boxes can be placed directly on wet walkways to reduce the risk of injury. Don’t forget to place a tarp or some old towels inside your house to keep your floors from being damaged or tracked full of mud and snow.

Keep Everyone Warm and Cozy

A big pot of soup or warm cocoa can make an incredible difference when everyone is cold and miserable. Throw in some sandwiches and recyclable dinnerware, and you’ve got a feast that will revive your family and team of movers in no time. Moving in winter can be an easy, stress-free experience with the best long distance moving company. So, contact Highland Moving Systems to assist in your next move.