How To Prepare A Floor Plan For The Movers

Whether you are moving across the street or across Canada, it can be stressful. It is only a rumor that moving house features on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, but let’s not take any chances! Eliminate as much anxiety as possible by choosing a dependable local moving company and planning. One way to ensure your relocation goes smoothly is to plan how furniture will be arranged in your new home before you move.

Why Prepare a Floor Plan

Other than reducing tension, there are various reasons that creating a floor plan for local moving companies is worth the effort:



For most of us it is difficult to accurately gauge how much space furniture pieces will take up. A floor plan takes into consideration the shapes and sizes of your furniture and highlights open spaces and gaps. When you map things out, you will quickly see whether you need to plan to buy more items, or whether a purge before you move is in order.



Part of the excitement of moving to a new home is being able to visualize the life you will live there.



Even non-control freaks will appreciate a more efficient moving day. With a floor plan, you will be able to direct those involved where furniture and other items should go.

How to Prepare a Floor Plan

While there are many online sites to create a floor plan, it is also easy enough to do with a measuring tape, pencil, and graph paper. Measure up your new living quarters and then scale your measurements so they will fit on your graph paper.

It’s also useful to note where light switches, electrical outlets, heating vents, and so on are positioned in each room.

Use the same scale for the furniture, and cut out right-sized shapes from colored paper. Then you can move the pieces around to see where things will fit best 

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