Tips for Moving House With Kids and Pets

Moving can be a stressful experience – especially when children and pets are involved. When your local moving company comes to move your kids’ and pets’ entire worlds, try the following handy tips (both before and on the day), not only to prepare them for the move but also to make moving day easier for them.


Your children will need time to process the news that they are about to be taken out of the home they have known, perhaps for their entire lives up to this point. It can be quite an emotional strain on them and, therefore, they need to be eased into it. Break the news well in advance in a family meeting where you provide a safe environment for them to ask questions and even air their protests. Make it clear that the main aspects of their lives will stay the same, and reassure them that they will feel at home in the new place in no time.

During the build-up to the move, try to keep family life as routine as possible. Keep the schedule the kids are used to, even as all the packing and arranging are going on. If you can, take the family for a drive to see the new neighbourhood, pointing out fun places and important landmarks that will be a major part of their new life. Visiting the new house would be ideal as well, if this is possible.

Involve them in the packing, making them responsible for their own rooms and guiding them through the packing and labelling process. On the day of the move, try to make the occasion fun. Perhaps plan a fun activity to do in the new house after the movers have left.


Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and their territory is very important to them. So, being moved out of that territory can be quite stressful for them – particularly for cats. In the new home, they will find themselves overwhelmed with new sights, senses and smells, as well as a totally new environment, which they need to learn their way around and make their own. This is usually quite fun for dogs, provided they have the reassurance that you are with them. Cats, however, do not adjust so easily and may take a little more work.

On moving day, it is probably best to leave your animals in the care of a friend or family member and pick them up once the move is completed. If this is not possible, be careful when the move is in progress. Doors and gates are left open and there is usually a lot of foot traffic. Animals may slip away unnoticed in the chaos. Tag your pets (if they aren’t already) with all the necessary information so that you can find them again should they go missing. Ask your vet about medicines to combat travel sickness and anxiety. Tranquilizers may be necessary for particularly excitable pets.

Finally, if you are not able to get your pets out of the house on the day of the move, settle them in a room or outdoor area where they can be comfortably confined during the proceedings before you are able to move them. When the time comes to transport them, make sure you have all the necessary harnesses or carriers to make the trip as safe and comfortable as possible for them.

Highland Moving Systems is a long-running local moving company that has successfully moved many families and their pets over the course of our 70-plus year history. If you’re planning a move, contact us for more information to see how we can make your big day run more smoothly.